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Book: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (Read by Roy Porter)

I decided to get this title from Audible, as it’s not out in paperback and I just find it annoying to hold a hardback. It’s also helped during these winter months when I’ve needed a bit more motivation to get out in the dark mornings for my walk. Having a story as enthralling as this has helped give me the motivation to go out each day! And it’s worked, I average 10,000 steps per day in January.

This book felt similar to “The Martian” to me, but with enough difference to make it stand out. There were lots of great ideas that were executed wonderfully and could have ruined the story if not done right. The whole world banding together for one cause though has to be the least realistic aspect. I’m also upset no one made the joke “Hail Mary full of Grace”.

I feel there is a lot that can be said which could potentially spoil the book, so I’ll just say that it’s a must read for anyone in to sci-fi!